Pets Choice Multi sticks 5kg

Pets Choice Multi sticks 5kg - Pet Products R Us

Pets Choice

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Pets Choice Multisticks are a complete and balanced food
for all fresh water pond fish including Koi Carp,Goldfish and
other ornamental fish.

HIGHLY DIGESTIBLE - Most pond fish are omnivorous and eat a
wide variety of food. Pets Choice Pond Food contains a specially
formulated blend of animal and vegetable proteins that provides
essential amino acids for healthy growth together with wheatgerm,
a highly digestible source or protein.

FLOATING - Encourages your fish to feed at the surface of the
pond for your enjoyment and prevents build-up of lost food at
the bottom of your pond.

NON-CLOUDING - The food is specially formulated to be highly
digestible to reduce water pollution and to prevent the break-up
and disintegration of the food in the water, keeping your pond
clear and well oxygenated.

WITH STABILISED VITAMIN C - Vitamin C builds up the disease
resistance and maximises the natural healing of abrasions and
wounds in your fish. Pets Choice Pond Food uses a special
stabilised form of the micronutrient that has been specifically
formulated and tested for use in aquatic feeds.

Cereals, derivatives of vegetable origin, fish and fish
derivatives, minerals, oils and fats, algae, EEC permitted

Protein:\t 23% Oil: 3% Fibre: 3%
Ash:\t 9%

Vitamin A:\t 3,000 iu/kg Vitamin D3: 1,700 iu/kg
Vitamin E:\t 150 mg/kg

Enough food should be sprinkled on the water surface so that it is
consumed within 10-15 minutes. Overfeeding can cloud the water,
underfeeding will result in the fish remaining at the surface
seeking more.