Pedigree Markies Original 12.5kg

Pedigree Markies Original 12.5kg - Pet Products R Us


£ 33.99  

Pedigree Markies, the deliciously meaty treat with a texture dogs love.
Make your Dog's Day Everyday - a delicious combination of enjoyable crunchy biscuit with a great meaty centre.

*Omega 3 to help keep him fit for life 
*Calcium to help give him strong teeth & bones 
*Vitamins & Minerals to help maintain his natural defences

Meat and Animal Derivatives (including Min. 4% Marrowbone, Min. 4% Meat)
Various Sugars
Oils and Fats

Nutrient Analysis (%) 
Protein 13 
Oil 10 
Ash 11.5 
Fibre 3 
Calcium 3 
Omega 3 
Vitamin A 2500 IU/kg 
Vitamin E: 30 mg/kg 
Vitamin levels guaranteed until 
best before date. 
Total iron as iron sulphate 15mg/kg 
With antioxidants, preservatives 
and colourants (permitted EC