Davies Chomping Chew Chicken 1.4kg

Davies Chomping Chew Chicken 1.4kg - Pet Products R Us


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Davies Chomping Chews are tasty, moist and meaty snacks that can be fed to your dog at any time as a treat or reward.
They are made with fresh meats and are available in three different varieties - Original, Chicken and Lamb.

* Davies Chomping Chews are wheat gluten free.
* Davies Chomping Chews do not contain any cereals.
* Davies Chomping Chews are lactose free. They do not contain any milk or milk derivatives.

Meat & Animal Derivatives, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Various sugars, Minerals, Yeasts.

Contains EEC pemitted preservatives and antioxidants.

Protein:\t 31% Oil: 8% Fibre: 3%
Ash:\t 8% Moisture: 17.5%