Benevo Organic Cake Mix 140g

Benevo Organic Cake Mix 140g - Pet Products R Us


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We all love a cake on our birthday, so why not let your pooch join in the fun as well! Celebrate your dogs big day with the Benevo Organic Dog Cake Mix.

Use the easy to make cake mix to cook your pooch a delectable carob and cinnamon cake with a yummy coconut frosting. The mix can be made in an oven or a microwave, so even the most inexperienced cooks can have a go!

Unlike human cakes the recipe contains no added sugar or salt and no GMO’s or artificial flavourings & colours and is certified Organic by the Organic Food Federation UK, so you know your dog is getting a tasty surprise, with no hidden surprises in the ingredients.

Free from wheat, dairy, eggs, soya and meat, even those pooches with allergies can still celebrate with a tasty treat.

Not just for birthdays, it would also be great for Christmas or perhaps as a treat after recovery from an operation or the birth of new puppies. If you have a rescue dog you can also use it to celebrate Dogust the 1st - the official birthday for all rescue dogs.

Your dog will love sharing their cake with friends or perhaps scoffing the lot himself!