Bakers Complete Weight Control 12.5kg

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Complete food for adult dogs with a few pounds to lose or a tendency to gain excess weight.
Cereals (4% rice in the green & orange kernels), Meat and animal derivatives (26% meat in the chunk, 4% chicken in the brown & natural kernels), Vegetable protein extracts, Derivatives of vegetable origin, Various sugars, Oils and fats, Minerals, Vegetables (4% vegetables in the green & orange kernels).
Protein 26.0%, Fat content 7.0%, Crude ash 8.0%, Crude fibres 2.5%, Linoleic acid 1.6%, Linolenic acid 0.1%.
Weight of Dog For Weight Reduction Daily Feed(g/day) or For Weight Maintenance Daily Feed(g/day) : 1-5kg 30-90g or 35-120g, 5-10kg 90-160g or 120-200g, 10-25kg 160-320g or 200-400g, 25-45kg 320-490g or 400-610g, 45-70kg 490-680g or 610-860g.
One half pint mug holds approximately 85g of Bakers Complete Weight Control. The recommended daily amounts should be adjusted according to weather conditions, the animal’s level of activity and its physical condition. Individual needs vary and feeding should be adjusted as required to help maintain your dog at a lean, healthy body weight. Clean, fresh drinking water should always be available.