Alpha Gold Moist Muesli 15KG

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Alpha Gold is a 'moist' muesli which is nutritionally formulated as a complete and balanced diet for working breeds of all ages whether at rest / play or home.

A unique and moist blend of the finest cereals, peas, beef chunks and wholesome biscuit that are all carefully cooked to produce a highly palatable food with no need to add anything extra. The flavours are sealed with a glaze of natural glucose that provides a moist but crunchy food.

Alpha Gold Muesli encourages a good appetite and is ideal for the fussiest of eaters

20% Protein

Natural ingredients

Highest quality protein

Muesli recipe with a moist glaze

Scientifically formulated for health and vitality

Easy to digest and highly palatable

Each meal is balanced and nutritionally complete

VAT FREE in the United Kingdom