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Paul O’Grady’s Rich in Lamb is a complete and balanced dog food without any nasties!

This Rich in Lamb recipe has been made without any added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. It has a balance of wholesome cereals and it is made with lots of meat. You won’t find any nasties here, instead it has been carefully formulated to give your dog all the nutrients it needs. 

o No Nasties! 
This recipe has no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

o Skin & Coat 
To help your dog look its best this recipe contains locally produced fish oil to help support skin and coat health.

o Strong Bones 
All dogs love to run, jump and play. To help support their bone health this recipe has been fortified with calcium and vitamin D. 

o Natural Defences
Vitamins and natural antioxidants have been added to help support your dog’s immune system.

o Digestive Health 
This recipe contains a blend of two prebiotics, combined with beet pulp to encourage and maintain a healthy balanced digestive system and firm stool formation.