MEOWEE! Christmas Cat Treat Stocking

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MEOWEE! Christmas Cat Treat Stocking.

Deliciously tasty cat treats & toys for your cat. We know just how picky our feline friends can be so at Meowee!, we offer a variety of textures and irresistible flavours to keep your cat puuurrring.
A Complementary Pet Food For Cats. Feed As A Treat As Part Of A Nutritionally Balanced Diet. Check That Your Cat Has Plenty Of Clean, Fresh Water Available - Just In Case They Get Really Thirsty.
This Treat Should Be Given Under Supervision, On A Non-Stainable Surface.Not Suitable For Kittens Under 3 Months Old. Warning: This Product Is Packed On A Site That Handles Nuts And Peanuts.

Chicken Nibbles - Chicken (69.25%), Rice , Maize Starch , Vegetable Protein , Sugar , Glycerine , Salt .,
Chicken Sandwich - Chicken (60%), Cod, Maize Starch , Vegetable Protein ( Soya) , Sugar, Glycerine , Salt .,
Festive Fishies - Wheat Flour (50.34%), Sugar , Palm Oil , Water , Potato Starch , Fish Meal , Chicken Liver Powder , Cod , Catnip , Salt .