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Iams Delights Senior with Chicken in Gravy 7+ Years  85g x 12 - Pet Products R Us


Iams Delights Senior with Chicken in Gravy 7+ Years  85g x 12

£ 5.19

Iams Delights Senior with Chicken in Gravy 7+ Years 12 x 85g

100% of the nutrition your senior cat needs to be a healthy refined cat
Someone once said "Cats don't age; they grow more refined"...
In your cat's golden years, nutritional needs change and your cat's ability to digest important nutrients can also decline. In these critical years, it becomes more important than ever to feed a specially formulated Senior diet.

Iams Senior Food with Chicken in Gravy is a complete balanced senior food made to satisfy the unique nutritional needs of senior cats to support their healthy ageing. Made from a blend of ingredients from the 4 main food groups to provide your senior cat with the essential nutrients it requires to stay healthy and active.

Did you know?
That about 40% of cats become over-weight? Older cats often become less active. While it might seem natural for older cats to spend less time exercising, it's very important to engage older cats with regular, gentle exercise. A little playtime can go a long way in maintaining agility and promoting healthy muscles and weight. Playing is also a healthy way to keep your purring friend mentally stimulated, supporting her ageing body.

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