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These fantastic orthopaedic memory foam mattress dog beds are the latest addition to the Do Not Disturb range of pet bedding by Sharples & Grant.

They are ideal for dogs which need special care such as
elderly dogs, working dogs or those with joint problems, as they are often unable to get the proper rest they need when they lie down. A bed with a memory foam mattress protects your dog’s spine and joints, helping it to have a relaxing, pain-free sleep.

Orthopaedic memory foam mattresses have been at the forefront of providing humans with the best in sleeping comfort for many years now. Your dog can now enjoy these benefits too. Made from specially developed foam, which shapes itself to the curvature of the body and adapts to body temperature, these mattresses always return to their original shape! They are very comfortable, providing optimal relief to aching joints.

The Orthobed cover can be removed and washed at up to 30°C to keep it clean and hygienic. The included faux sheepskin cover can be attached with a velcro tab. The base of the bed is covered in anti-slip material to prevent slipping on hard, smooth surfaces.

Small 70x20x50cm 
Small size is suitable for breeds such as Cavalier King Charles', Jack Russells, Pugs, West Highland Terriers and Yorkshire Terriers.


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